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Finding documents

Documents can be retrieved through find, findOne and findById. These
methods are executed on your Models.


Model.find(query, fields, options, callback)

// fields and options can be omitted

Simple query:

Model.find({ 'some.value': 5 }, function (err, docs) {
  // docs is an array

Retrieving only certain fields

Model.find({}, 'first last', function (err, docs) {
  // docs is an array of partially-`init`d documents
  // defaults are still applied and will be "populated"


Same as Model#find, but only receives a single document as second parameter:

Model.findOne({ age: 5}, function (err, doc){
  // doc is a Document


Same as findOne, but receives a value to search a document by their _id
key. This value is subject to casting, so it can be a hex string or a proper ObjectId.

Model.findById(obj._id, function (err, doc){
  // doc is a Document


Counts the number of documents matching conditions.

Model.count(conditions, callback);


Removes documents matching conditions.

Model.remove(conditions, callback);


Finds distinct values of field for documents matching conditions.

Model.distinct(field, conditions, callback);


Creates a Query for this model. Handy when expressing complex directives.

.where('tags').in(['movie', 'music', 'art'])
.select('name', 'age', 'tags')
.hint({ age: 1, name: 1 })


Sometimes you need to query for things in mongodb using a JavaScript expression. You can do so via find({$where: javascript}), or you can use the mongoose shortcut method $where via a Query chain or from your mongoose Model.

Model.$where('this.firstname === this.lastname').exec(callback)


See the updating docs page.

Query API

Each of these methods returns a Query. If you don't pass a callback to these methods, the Query can be continued to be modified (such as adding options, fields, etc), before it's execd.

var query = Model.find({});

query.where('field', 5);

query.exec(function (err, docs) {
  // called when the `query.complete` or `query.error` are called
  // internally