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Schemas are pluggable, that is, they allow for applying pre-packaged
capabilities to extend their functionality.

Suppose that we have several collections in our database and want
to add last-modified functionality to each one. With plugins this
is easy. Just create a plugin once and apply it to each Schema:

// lastMod.js
module.exports = exports = function lastModifiedPlugin (schema, options) {
  schema.add({ lastMod: Date })

  schema.pre('save', function (next) {
    this.lastMod = new Date

  if (options && options.index) {

// in your schema files
var lastMod = require('./lastMod');

var Game = new Schema({ ... });


var Player = new Schema({ ... });

Player.plugin(lastMod, { index: true });

In the example above we added last-modified functionality to both the Game and Player schemas. We also took advantage of options passing supported by the plugin() method to dynamically define an index on the Player.