Built With Mongoose

According to GitHub, there are over 870,000 projects that depend on Mongoose. Here are a few of our favorite apps that are built with Mongoose.

Terra Vera

Terra Vera produces on-demand antimicrobial chemistry for agriculture and surfaces. Terra Vera's on-site generators convert water, electricity, and a proprietary blend of salts and amino acids into an organic solution that eliminates many common pathogens (like mold, powdery mildew, and viruses), but is safe for plants, people, and pets.


SixPlus is an online marketplace for corporate event professionals to book private dining spaces in restaurants and hotels across the US. You can book your next company event at venues like Refinery Rooftop or Good Behavior on SixPlus.

Payment Ninja

Payment Ninja is an online payment gateway that lets you save up to 50% on payment processing over processors like PayPal and Stripe.


Mixmax is a app that sends engaging emails with instant scheduling, free unlimited email tracking, polls, and surveys right in Gmail.

Builder Book

Learn how to build a full-stack, production-ready JavaScript web application from scratch. You'll go from 0 lines of code in Chapter 1 to over 10,000 lines of code by Chapter 8.

Add Your Own

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