MongoDB Server Version Compatibility

Mongoose relies on the MongoDB Node.js Driver to talk to MongoDB. You can refer to this table for up-to-date information as to which version of the MongoDB driver supports which version of MongoDB.

Below are the semver ranges representing which versions of mongoose are compatible with the listed versions of MongoDB server.

  • MongoDB Server 2.4.x: mongoose ^3.8 or 4.x
  • MongoDB Server 2.6.x: mongoose ^3.8.8 or 4.x
  • MongoDB Server 3.0.x: mongoose ^3.8.22, 4.x, or 5.x
  • MongoDB Server 3.2.x: mongoose ^4.3.0 or 5.x
  • MongoDB Server 3.4.x: mongoose ^4.7.3 or 5.x
  • MongoDB Server 3.6.x: mongoose 5.x
  • MongoDB Server 4.0.x: mongoose ^5.2.0
  • MongoDB Server 4.2.x: mongoose ^5.7.0
  • MongoDB Server 4.4.x: mongoose ^5.10.0

Note that Mongoose 5.x dropped support for all versions of MongoDB before 3.0.0. If you need to use MongoDB 2.6 or older, use Mongoose 4.x.

Further Reading

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