Further Reading

There's a lot of great content out there to learn more about Mongoose. This page has a list of video courses, books, and blog posts curated by Mongoose maintainers. We've gone through every course, book, and article on this page to make sure it is high quality.

Video Courses

API Design in Node.js Featuring Express & Mongo

This course is a great introduction to building a RESTful API with Express and Mongoose. The instructor is Scott Moss, a serial entrepreneur and former instructor at Hack Reactor, San Francisco's number one coding bootcamp.

Building a Production Ready Node.js JSON API

Thinkster has created a full stack web development course for just about every backend and frontend framework you can think of. Want to learn how to build a full stack app with Vue and Django, or with Angular and Rails? Thinkster has a course for that. The Node.js tutorial walks you through building a production-ready RESTful API with Express and Mongoose from scratch.

Introduction to Mongoose for Node.js and MongoDB

Know someone who wants to get started building Node.js apps but doesn't have a lot of software development experience? This course is more beginner-friendly than API Design and is a great resource for beginners looking to get started.

RESTful Web Services with Node.js and Express

Looking for a course to take you from zero to Express + Mongoose REST API fast? This is the one. This course is halfway between API Design and Introduction to Mongoose. It focuses more on Express, but also doesn't go into as much detail as API Design.

Building Business Applications with Vue.js and MongoDB

This course walks you through building a full-stack web application using the VENoM Stack. Try this course if you're a Vue.js expert looking to expand into backend engineering or an experienced MongoDB dev looking to learn about frontend dev.

Moving Forward with Mongoose.js

Stuck maintaining a legacy codebase on Mongoose 3.x? This course will give you a detailed overview of the breaking changes and new features in Mongoose 4.x, so you can upgrade with confidence.


Mongoose for Application Development by Simon Holmes

This is the book on Mongoose. Even though it is from 2013, Mongoose for Application Development has stood the test of time. This book does an excellent job summarizing the core ideas that make Mongoose so powerful. Just sub out callbacks for promises.

The Little MongoDB Schema Design Book by Christian Kvalheim

Christian Kvalheim originally wrote the MongoDB Node.js driver in early 2010, and maintained the driver almost singlehandedly until 2017. As maintainer of the Node.js driver, Christian saw more Node.js+MongoDB code bases than anyone, and his experience is unmatched. This book distills 6 years of hard-learned lessons into concrete examples of how to design MongoDB schemas for massive scale. If you want to learn how to structure MongoDB schemas for an e-commerce store, a category tree, or a blog that can support hundreds of millions of requests per day, this is the book for you.

Blog Posts

Introduction to Mongoose for MongoDB on freeCodeCamp

Coming from an SQL background and having trouble understanding Mongoose and MongoDB? This article explains the core concepts of Mongoose with references to similar concepts in SQL.

Express Tutorial Part 3: Using a Database (with Mongoose) on Mozilla Developer Network

Virtually every JavaScript developer has read MDN docs. They're usually one of the top 3 results when you Google "javascript startswith" or any other core JavaScript function. This tutorial provides an overview of Mongoose in MDN's standard style and tone.